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Heat Creasing Peripherals and Burnisher Set

Heat Creasing Peripherals and Burnisher Set

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Some side additional products to add on.

Handle: Black ebony handle that matches our machine

Tip / Handle Rest: Made from walnut. The rest serves a duo function of being both a handle and tip rack. If you need one more, just add it from here.

A new rotary handle that you can add on to our existing heat creasing machine. The silver button at the top of the handle allows a one hand operation while the red button at the bottom provides a hands free operation by keeping the rotation constant so you can keep the handle on the rest and work your project through it. Speed of the rotation is controlled by the machine with revolution from 0 to 9000. Here's a quick video of the burnisher at work - https://www.instagram.com/crimsonhides/p/BxSO1myny-f/

Set comes with the handle to plug and play into our machine (Machine sold separately), a walnut tip and handle rest, 8 ebony tips (cylindrical tip, conical tip, 7/8/10/12mm tip, 5mm+6mm tip, 2mm+3mm+4mm tip)  and one key to remove the tips.

If you would like to purchase the items separately, please drop us a note. We are working on listing them individually.

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