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Crimson Hides

Heat Creasing Peripherals

Heat Creasing Peripherals

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Some side additional products to add on.

Handle: Black ebony handle that matches our machine

Tip / Handle Rest: Made from walnut. The rest serves a duo function of being both a handle and tip rack. If you need one more, just add it from here.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Keith B.
    Burnisher set

    Firstly, the quality is absolutely amazing, in fact I didn't want to use them, I have now used most of the tools and the results are excellent. The finish on the leather edges are wonderful and I'm very happy with them. My only regret is not buying them a few months ago when I first saw them.
    You will not regret this purchase !

    Edouard V.
    As described, great tool 😊

    As described, great tool 😊

    Super quiet and efficient

    I got this burnishing set along with the creasing machine and it is has a super quiet motor. The speed can be adjusted accordingly and it comes with 8 attachments to burnish a variety of leather thicknesses.

    The kit also comes with a beautifully holder to store all the attachments. I was able to burnish 1mm thickness kangaroo leather.

    This machine is a good investment for the leather enthusiast without resourcing to large, noisy bulky machines.

    Additionally, it all came perfectly packed and was shipped fast.

    Good quality tool.

    Markus B.
    One of the best addons I've ever purchased

    I bought this in hope to replace my Dremel since I would like something to be used together with the heating machine and not take up much place like the Dremel does.

    The quality of this tool is amazing. I had no idea that it would be this good! It's quiet and keeps the RPM perfectly on whatever the level you turn the knob to.
    The included burnishing tools are also splendid. I hope to see more products available in the future to the heating machine since this one blew me away!

    Best regards

    You're a model saler! I am

    You're a model saler!

    I am very pleased with You and Your product!

    Thank You Very Much!