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Crimson Hides

Crimson Arc Skiver

Crimson Arc Skiver

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Continuing with our arc series, the Crimson arc skiver is designed to fit the contour of the hand with a low profile handle and a blade that runs parallel to the leather. This provides excellent stability and control. Comes sharp out of box with interchangeable blade that is secured by 2 hex screws. Blade size ranges from 4mm - 12mm to fit most projects.

Material:  Blade is made using DC53 steel. Ebony handle.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Excellent quality, superior ergonomics

    Yes, they are expensive, but yes, they are worth every penny. Exceptional quality that is well worth its price.

    High quality skiver

    Excellent, high quality skiver. Razor sharp out of the box and a dream to work with. I have had no experience with more „traditional“ skivers so far, but the shape of the handle feels great and overall it’s a beautiful tool with a really nice finish.
    Shipping to Germany was fast and without any trouble.
    Really happy with it!
    Won’t be my last tool from crimson hides

    Excellent skiver!

    My new favorite skiver - came razor sharp, is easy to use, and comfortable in the hand.
    Does an excellent job, and I love that the blades are interchangeable.

    Melody C.
    I love it!

    Easy to use and quite a versatile tool for me to have in my shoemaking toolkit.

    This is the best skiving i have ever owned

    It has an extremely useful design, the blade is always sharp and convenient to use, especially you do not have to worry about the problem of tearing or cutting the leather.