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Crimson Hides

Crimson Edge Creaser

Crimson Edge Creaser

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Ergonomically designed multi faceted handle allows for easy indexing when held in hand in obtaining desired position for optimal control.

An incline thumb rest at the top of the handle allows one to apply more downward pressure and control in order to achieve the perfect crease especially for thicker leather.

The hefty handle is made from G10 and capped with a brass collar to allow heating of the creaser tip. This creaser tip comes with a pointed end design to allow easy navigation of corners. 


Size 1 - Distance between creasing blade and guide at 1.0mm 

Size 2 - Distance between creasing blade and guide at 1.5mm

Size 3 - Distance between creasing blade and guide at 2.0mm

Size 4 - Distance between creasing blade and guide at 2.5mm

Size 5 - Distance between creasing blade and guide at 3.0mm

Overall Length with handle at ~16cm

Length of blade ~5cm

Do note that result may vary base on type of leather and user habits. For example size 1 will typically produce a line with a distance of 0.7 - 0.8mm from the edge. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    James M.

    I love the weight of the creaser. It feels comfortable in your hand.

    Beautifully weighted tool

    This feels substantial and is clearly really well made. In my opinion all tool handles should be made from G10 - but the crimson design makes it even more special with the angled end being a great platform for your thumb and the bevelling allowing a good grip.

    I also want to mention the fantastic customer service.

    A great brand well run.

    Thorsten U.
    Very elegant toot

    The creasers are welle balanced, good to hold and keep the heat very well. All this together make a great tool for precise work.

    Detlef G.
    Excellent quality

    Good handle. Not round so it won’t roll off your bench. Nicely polished surface and easy to use without overlapping your edge crease at the corners. Well done.