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Crimson Hides

Crimson Flush Cut Knife

Crimson Flush Cut Knife

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This knife has multi facets around the handle so user can instantly index the knife at the desired position for a flush cut as oppose to a traditional round/oval handle. An incline thumb rest at the top of the handle allows one to apply more pressure and control in order to achieve the perfect vertical cut especially for thicker leather. Another feature of our knife is the wider single bevel that visually facilitate a 90 degrees blade position as the hand is tilted outwards during cutting. Angle of bevel at ~18deg. As always, the knife is sharp off the box.

Material of Handle: G10

Material of Knife: High speed steel

Dimension: Overall Length at ~15cm, Length of blade at 5cm, Length of handle at 10cm

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    josh b.

    Why did I wait so long to purchase this skiving knife This thing is not only awesome to look at…it’s a dream to use. A perfect weight…incredibly sharp. Free hand cutting straight lines with ease. If you’re reading this…just buy it already. You won’t be sorry.

    E S P E C T A C U L A R !!!!

    CRIMSON me sigue sorprendiendo, volví a tu tienda después de mucho tiempo y nuevamente me enamoras, que acero tan maravillosamente trabajado y que Fiiiilooooo!!! Corta y desbasta el cuero como si fuera cuchillo atravesando la mantequilla...felicitaciones, dinero bien invertido y entrega súper rápida hasta Perú.

    Elena G.
    Отличный инструмент

    Нож оказался миниатюрным. Но он очень и очень острый! Очень комфортно лежит в руке. Рекомендую!

    Philip B.
    Excellent cutting knife

    Arrived sharp. Cuts beautifully and holds the edge for a reasonable time. Sharpens up nicely on a strop (tried strops with several compounds and all were good). Surprisingly good at cutting round tight curves.

    Would be great to have a video from Crimson Hides on how to sharpen it with the 3M papers and achieve that mirror finish.

    Justin W.
    Really well made

    Lovely knife, incredibly well made...........It will make leathercraft much easier.

    Blade is soo sharp at the moment, I'm slightly hesitant to use it, as I know I can never get it back to begin this sharp again.