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Crimson Hides

Japanese Style Crimson Irons

Japanese Style Crimson Irons

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Made using DC53 steel. Comes sharpened with an antique finish for a firmer grip. Slim diamond shaped teeth creates smaller, refined holes.

*Please note that the photo is of a set of 3. 

3mm - ~8.5 spi, 3.25mm - 8 spi, 3.85mm - 7 spi, 4mm - ~6 spi, 5mm - 5 spi

The 5mm irons are approximately 1mm larger to cater for thicker threads.

2.7mm irons comes in 2, 6 and 10 teeth. All other sizes come in 2, 5 and 9 teeth. 

14 teeth is only available for 3mm and 5mm irons. Open for customization.

Kindly allow us 2-4 working days to pack orders.

If you require the irons urgently, drop us a note to check on availability. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 192 reviews
    Graham Reader
    A great stitching iron

    I have used Crimson Hides Japanese irons for about 5 years both in 3mm & 3.85mm but only had the 9 tooth and 2 tooth in the 3.85, I advised my partner which (wrong style) one to get. To complete the Japanese set I have just received the 5 tooth 3.85 Japanese to complete that set.
    They are lovely irons to work with and with saddle-stitching produce a good consistent stitch.

    Dudley Vaughan
    Love the tools!

    It's nice when you start to punch holes in your work that the blade lines up PERFECTLY in the guideline. Very sharp going into the leather and it leaves awesome holes for sewing.!

    Delton Jessee
    Best pricking irons out there

    When I received my irons they were very nicely packed when you use them they feel comfortable in the hand and are very easy to pull out of 12oz leather, these irons feel like they'll last you a lifetime with care


    Beautiful stitching chisels, you won't find this quality anywhere else!

    Robert MacNamara
    Crimson irons

    Great quality … no problem using them whatsoever … that was my first purchase to check the quality… going to order full set next.