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Crimson Hides

Crimson Irons Single Tooth

Crimson Irons Single Tooth

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Made using DC53 steel. Comes sharpened and blackened for a firmer grip. Slim diamond shaped teeth creates smaller, refined holes

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Matey T.
    The Beast with a single tooth

    I love my Crimson irons. They are so sharp that I use my old irons to mark stitches, because the Crimsons don't mark, they cut. The single and double-tooth don't even require a mallet - I just press with my thumb, and they go through.

    Michael S.
    Best pricking irons I've ever used

    I read reviews about CH irons for a little while and figured it was time to invest in some really good irons. I'm not disappointed at all. These pricking irons come sharp and puncture leather like butter. Even better, they pull out smooth and without effort. Can't recommend them enough.

    Jeremy Stuart Cullimore
    Finishing the set

    I have been using these irons with joy for some time and needed this to complete the set and deal with those interesting corners and bends.

    The finished stitch is always neat and makes for a really professional finish. I am eternally grateful for Nigel Armitage's review bringing them, and this great firm, to my attention.

    Ina G.
    Best irons in the market

    I have bought them before and I came for more. Can't have enough of them. Not much to say, just the best irons in the market.

    A must have!

    Essential when facing tight curves. Very precise tool!