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Crimson Hides

Crimson Paring Knife

Crimson Paring Knife

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Made using G10, our handle is specially designed with a sleek and clean concept yet not compromising on our usual emphasis on functionality and ergonomics. This paring knife has a unique recurve at the blade near the handle that allows you to place your thumb to push the knife forward as you pare the leather, giving you more control.

The top of the handle is wedged and blade is single beveled which allows you to incline the blade closer to the leather for more precise paring. 

Material of Handle: G10

Material of Knife: High speed steel (HRC60)

Dimension: Overall Length at ~17.5cm, Length of blade at 7.5cm (at the longest), Length of handle at 10cm

Blade Thickness: 0.2cm

*As blade contains carbon, please lightly coat it with mineral oil for protection against rust especially in humid climate. 


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