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Crimson Hides

Crimson Pipe Awl

Crimson Pipe Awl

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The Crimson Pipe Awl comes with black ebony handle and an interchangeable head. The handle is ergonomically sculpted for the butt to rest in the centre of the palm for better control. The front of the handle is designed with a 'meatier' body allowing the middle to last finger to rest comfortably thus reducing fatigue on the hand.

Comes polished and is shaped to complement our Crimson irons. 

*Last 3 photos are that of our new FRENCH awl blades


Philip Jury (@leathercraftmasterclass) -


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    Customer Reviews

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    Pipe Awl

    If you use the Crimson Hides French style irons like myself , you should consider buying the pipe awl to suit your iron size. The pipe awl is very comfortable in the hand and has the advantage due to its blade shape of NOT enlarging the existing holes. In short, the pipe awl is a very good tool, you will love it.


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    Best Iron and Pipes

    Mario H.
    Fits comfortably in large hands

    This awl is very comfort law in your hands. Comes extremely sharp and I love that the awls are interchangeable.

    I bought it with a 7 SPI pricking iron and is a match made in heaven. My first set that will help me develop my stitching skills.

    Expensive delivery, but it came in record time! Also,I love the detailed packaging and the personalization. I am extremely loyal with brands like this.

    Volker H.
    Pipe Awl

    I am working with often with vege tan leather sometimes layered up to 12 mm. Since stitching irons cannot get through that I had to practise sewing using an awl. I ordered one handle with 2 sizes of blades(4 and 5 mm). The blades are nicely shaped and sharp out of the box. So far I had used the awls that come from china, have small handles and blades that need proper sharpening. They usually have rather small blades too. So, I had to get used to the Crimson handle and have still not manged to hold awl and needles securely in my hands because of its bulbous handle. It is probably not good for the tiny screw that holds the blade to open and close too often. In general its a beautiful awl, I just need to practise a little more.

    Michael M.
    Excellent quality

    I’m new to using an awl and pricking irons. Been using stitching irons and punching all the way through the leather. I bought some inexpensive awls to start practicing and found the whole thing quite uncomfortable and difficult. This awl fits my hand perfectly and the blade never shifts while I fumble my way through my practice pieces. I’m finally improving my skills because I am no longer fighting with my tools. It also looks beautiful. All of Crimson Hides tools are beautiful but I have learned that there quality exceeds their appearance.