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Crimson Pipe Awl

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The Crimson Pipe Awl comes with black ebony handle and an interchangeable head. The handle is ergonomically sculpted for the butt to rest in the centre of the palm for better control. The front of the handle is designed with a 'meatier' body allowing the middle to last finger to rest comfortably thus reducing fatigue on the hand.

Comes polished and is shaped to complement our Crimson irons. 

Types of available blades, 3-4mm that matches our irons, 5mm that matches our irons, French style, Scratch Awl

French Style:  1.9mm with blade at 22mm length


Philip Jury (@leathercraftmasterclass) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmqAXmY9mg4&feature=youtu.be


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