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Crimson Hides

Edge Paint Drying Rack

Edge Paint Drying Rack

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A edge paint drying rack made from black walnut complete with brass rods makes it a versatile essential piece for holding leather projects of various sizes. This set comes with 6 brass rods to be mounted on 3 matching slabs for larger projects. For smaller leather pieces, there are 7 other removable slabs with a center slit to hold them in place while the edges dry. 

There is a magnetic track on the base of the rack that gives you the flexibility to adjust the slabs to suit projects of different width. Please note that there is one fix slab at the side of the rack (so in total, there are 8 slabs with center slit)

*Please note that there you will experience some tightness when removing the rods from the slabs and this is normal to provide a secure grip.

*Sanding bocks, edge dauber and drying racks are not included in this set. They can be purchased separately from our site.

Dimension: 24cm x 7cm x 6cm 

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