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Crimson Hides

Recoiless Mallet

Recoiless Mallet

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This recoiless mallet contains loose ball bearings within the head which helps absorb impact thus reducing both sound volume and wrist fatigue during each strike. The reduced bounce back effect results in a more accurate and efficient striking of tool such as irons or punches. Apart from that, the non-marring hitting surface protects the tools from being damaged when in contact. The grippy racket styled handle makes holding of this mallet comfortable even after prolong usage.

Dimension: 28cm in length, Weight: 0.4kg / 14.4oz

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Nina M.
    Quiet and Works Well

    This mallet is very quiet, and hence great for apartment-dwellers :) The recoilless feature also saved my wrist.

    Recoilless Mallet

    Excellent product! Well made mallet that makes large jobs easier as not as much effort needed.

    Lundy W.
    Great Hammer

    This is a great tool to use to reduce a noise coming from hammering my irons into leather. It also offers a firm grip that is non slip.

    Shanawaz K.

    Perfect article for leather crafting just what I was looking for. It does reduces recoil,strong and sturdy build. Delivery was quick.

    Best Hammer Ever!

    This hammer fits nicely in the hands, the size and material give it a nice and firm grip on the hands. Quieter than other mallets that I've used before and I don't have to hit very hard to achieve result. A great product. It will be nice if there are a few other sizes.