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Crimson Hides

Strap Ruler

Strap Ruler

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Stainless steel strap ruler with adjustable guide width. It is able to cut straps of width up to 64mm. Length of ruler at 400mm. 2 screw points strategically located at both ends of the ruler with measurement locks the guide to facilitate repetitive accurate cutting. Suggested to be paired with a rotary cutter for ease of use especially for softer leather.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Geraldine B.
    Strap Ruler

    Some instructions would have been greatly appreciated.

    Thorsten U.
    Next level strap cutting

    Crazy! Despite the simple construction, a game changer in strap cutting.

    Where has this tool been?

    This allows precision when cutting the straps! Though like it’s mentioned, it works better with rotary cutter,, pulling a knife kinds of make it move a little .. no biggie..

    And In case you are wondering.. the bottom piece of the slider does stick out a bit more than the top.. this is due to the lip of the main ruler which is about 0.91mm thick

    Jeffery O.
    A little more grip

    I think that the rear surface of the rule (the part in contact with the leather) would work a little better if not so smooth (a little grip). I has a tendency to slide a little when holding the leather for cutting.


    Makes consistent, accurate width straps with ease. I prefer this to my strap cutter for shorter straps and pieces. It's a heavy, well made, precise tool that speeds up and improves my work.